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by Kristine England

Monday, May 30, 2022

Psych-rock artist Tess Parks has released her first solo album since her debut nine years ago. She’s spent the interim years collaborating with Anton Newcombe (Brian Jonestown Massacre) and touring extensively.

The Toronto native, who is now based in London, has described how the album’s songs were pieced with friends and family in different locations, resulting in a variety of different versions. It’s a wonder the record was completed at all, with Parks having to overcome an injury that left her unable to play guitar or piano for months. She spent her recovery time painting and was uninterested in music for a while. Fortunately, she overcame her disaffection and releases a record that Paste Magazine raves is “about as seamless as albums come—a rich, vibrant mosaic that benefits from the breadth of time and space it encompasses.”

The video accompanying the featured track is a modern take on the famed whirling dervishes with an appropriately trance-inducing soundtrack.

"Do You Pray?"

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