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Teen Jesus & the Jean Teasers

by Kristine England

Monday, May 16, 2022

The garage-pop girls from Australia aren’t going to take it anymore! The foursome burst onto the scene in 2017 with the EP, Creepshow. They’ve become even more ferocious in their defiance on the latest, Pretty Good for a Girl Band EP. “Girl Sports,” was inspired by an unwelcome comment after bassist Jaida Stephenson broke her front teeth in a skateboarding incident, the song bristles with defiance.  Brimming with riot grrl power, the songs are fun and catchy.

Singer Anna Ryan, guitarist Scarlett[McKahey, Stephenson, and drummer Neve van Boxsel formed the group while in high school in Canberra, inspired by School of Rock of all things. They are rapidly (and rightfully) becoming critical darlings with a growing and devoted following. Hopefully, they’ll make it to the States soon!

"Girl Sports"

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