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by Kristine England

Monday, July 11, 2022

Party Dozen is an explosive Australian duo that creates an almost inconceivable sound since it’s coming from only two people. Kirsty Tickle (saxophone) and Jonathan Boulet (guitar, bass, keys, drums) sample their instruments to great effect, making visceral and rhythmic music ranging from noise-rock, doom metal, or something a bit jazzy and moody. Even the lighter songs retain a noisy edge. Listeners should be ready for anything since the band has a myriad of other tricks up its sleeve. As Stereogum warns, “even these more restrained tracks tend to erupt from time to time, and there’s usually a crackling tension beneath their composed veneers.” NME notes, “Whatever Party Dozen’s tools from moment to moment, they’re sure to deliver a room-filling squall with a physical presence that feels raw and chaotic.”  Tickle focuses on her sax (at times providing some vocals by screaming into its bell, which are manipulated with effects) with Boulet on drums when performing live.

The Real Work is the duo’s third album. The featured track, “The Worker,” debuted at Phoenix Central Park in Sydney’s suburb during a series of special performances of local bands during the pandemic. "Macca the Mutt" features Party Dozen’s first-ever guest appearance with Nick Cave on vocals.

“The Worker”

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