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by Kristine England

Monday, May 20, 2024

Pop group Lightheaded has released its debut album, Combustible Gems. Hailing from the beachside town of Long Branch, NJ Stephen Stec (guitar) and his songwriter partner Cynthia Rittenbach (bass and vocals) started working together after spending time in other local bands. In 2018, they released a single, followed by a cassette-only album in 2019. Adding Sara Abdelbarry on guitar and vocals, the band was ready to get to work on a full-length record (with Anthony Meleo on drums) of hooky pop songs with a distinctly retro vibe. Broadway World hails the album as “a jump into the sparkling blue water, excited experimentation, exploration…with the effervescence of youth that makes for great debut LPs.”  Lightheaded will be making the rounds of the northeast US and UK this summer.

“Bright Happy Girls”

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