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Fontaines D.C.

by Kristine England

Monday, April 25, 2022

Ireland’s Fontaines DC (stands for Dublin City if you were wondering) is back with its third album. Evolving from an invigorating and fresh, new voice of post-punk rockers to a more mature band since 2019’s Dogrel, the group has become more compelling than ever. Skinty Fia finds the boys asserting their Irishness even though most of the group are now ex-pats living in London, even dropping in native Irish language phrases. The title is essentially a curse, translated as “the damnation of the deer,” and the group’s experiences of not feeling entirely welcome as Irishmen in the UK ripples throughout the album.

The latest single from the record is “I Love You,” and it’s not exactly as straightforward as it would initially appear. Grian Chatten tried to turn a cliched topic on his head, he told Rolling Stone, plus, “I’m now living in a country that is responsible for a lot of the chaos in the country that I’m from, that still kind of looks down on that country. I feel guilty for having left.”

Pitchfork muses, “By burrowing into Fontaines D.C.’s particular experiences as strangers in a strange land, Skinty Fia ultimately homes in on the eternal fears—of growing old, bored, bitter, and unloved—that unite us all.”

"I Love You"

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