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Aldous Harding

by Kristine England

Monday, March 28, 2022

It’s been nearly three years since Aldous Harding’s last full-length release. Now she is back with Warm Chris, another view into her unique musical personality. Harding’s songs rarely fit tidily into a particular genre, though many have tried, describing her as gothic folk, chamber pop, or “fetching surrealism” (Rolling Stone). She is truly an iconoclast who forges her own path.

Collaborating once again with producer John Parish (PJ Harvey, The Eels, Sparklehorse), Harding’s latest again channels her weird but fun sensibilities. The Guardian describes the album as “endearingly introspective folk-pop,” while Pitchfork muses, [Warm Chris is] “a sparse and oblique album whose gentle psychedelic folk and beguiling free association proudly resist interpretation.”

It’s music for people who want to be challenged. It’s different, enticing, it’s Aldous Harding. There is no one else quite like her.


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