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Jasper Høiby


by Rosie G.

February 4, 2024

Danish jazz bassist Jasper Høiby is well-known in jazz circles. His virtuosity and smooth elegance on bass is something to listen to with your eyes closed. If you just listen to the music it will carry you away. He started his well-known trio Phronesis in 2005. They released their debut album Organic Warfare in 2007 to critical acclaim and released 8 albums together.

Jasper Høiby is not only a musician but also a composer playing both the bass and double bass. Those smooth grooves truly capture your soul when listening to his music. In 2010 he released the album Alive that broke the trio into the stratosphere. Listen to “Eight Hours” and “Love Song” from their Alive album. Since then Jasper Høiby has formed several bands and trios. His latest trio with revolving musicians is Three Elements and they just released a new album called Earthiness last November. You need to check out this album, it's so good. When he comes to your city or town be sure to catch him live. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

"Never Forgotten"

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