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Five and Tens


July 7, 2024

Five and Tens is a four-piece jazz combo from Ontario, Canada, named after an intersection on the Mississauga highway. Formed by the three Vidal brothers (Ray on guitar, Anthony on keyboards, and Nick on drums) and with bassist Sean Jackson, the group plays soulful, psychedelic jazz with a vibe reminiscent of Khruangbin and classic organ trios of the funky jazz era.

Recording in the studio founded by Anthony (Vidal Recordings), the quartet has released several albums and EPs. They represent a true DIY sensibility, recording and releasing their music themselves, but creating the artwork in-house. Their latest record is the aptly titled Brothers in the Groove, released in April. This is a band that creates laid-back, easy grooves and deserves more attention.

"Brother in the Groove"

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