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Camilo Molina


by Rosie G.

August 27, 2023

When you hear a really good trumpet player it can transform your mood and relax you. Indie jazz trumpet player Camilo Molina is an artist to watch. He grew up in Sarasota, Florida, and later attended the University of Miami where he graduated with a degree in jazz performance.

Camilo Molina is finishing up his Master’s degree in jazz performance and has been playing around the clubs in Miami and gaining followers. He has played with the award-winning Alberto De La Reguera’s Salsa Orchestra and several others. His music has been released for the masses with his debut album, The Journey. He pays homage to his jazz heroes Lee Morgan and Freddie Hubbard. His playing is flawless on songs, “My Person” which I can’t stop playing, and the titled song “The Journey.” I can’t wait for him to go on tour and catch him live. Support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

"My Person"

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