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by Rosie G.

August 20, 2023

Indie jazz group Blue Cranes is a breath of fresh air musically. Not every day, do you get to hear an entire album of songs that captivates you. The band got together in 2004 in Portland, Oregon and other than jazz love rock as well.

The band has been influenced not only by rock music but also by Latin rhythms and love improvisation. The band consists of tenor saxophonist, Joe Cunninghan, saxophonist Reed Wallsmith, drummer Ji Tanzer, bassist Keith Brush, and keyboardist Rebecca Sanborn. They made their debut in 2007 with the album Lift Music! Flown Music!, and followed it up a year later with Homing Patterns. Their music mixes jazz with classical, avant-garde, and more. They have released several more albums and each one is an experiment in sound. 

Their new album My Only Secret is more instrumental with classical undertones which I love. Check out their songs “Sloan” and “ A Night In Montavilla.” Blue Cranes is on tour so be sure to catch them live in a city near you. Support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!


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