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Andrew Cyrille


by Rosie G.

February 5, 2023

Jazz drummer Andrew Cyrille comes from my hometown of Brooklyn, NY, and has been playing his instrument since he was a young teenager. He attended St.John’s University where he studied science but already was playing jazz in the evenings at the clubs. He later switched schools and attended the prestigious Julliard School here in NYC. He met the legendary Max Roach through his teachers and things started from there. His first professional gig was playing for R&B/Jazz singer Nellie Lutcher. She had perfect diction and her way of pronouncing her words was exaggerated, jazz legends like Nina Simone credit her as an influence. He also recorded with Coleman Hawkins and was introduced to pianist Cecil Taylor.

He made his first recording as a band leader in 1971 with the album, What About and has recorded over 25 albums in his career not counting all his collaborations and his sideman recordings. He plays with an incredible energy that is so graceful and powerful.

Listen to the song Nuba 1 and hear his powerful playing or just check out any of his albums to hear this amazing drummer. Andrew Cyrille’s music is avant-garde and post-bop along with free jazz. He just released his latest album, Music Delivery/Percussion, and critics are already raving about it. You have to experience this amazing jazz drummer live. Support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

"For Girls Dancing"

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