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Lido Pimienta

February 28, 2023

Several years ago I discovered this talented Columbian singer-songwriter and she is back with a new album. Lido Pimienta from Barranquilla, Columbia, and later moved to Toronto, Canada. She is of mixed Afro-Colombian and Wayuu descent and incorporates her heritage into her music.

Since 2010 when she made her debut with her album Colors and followed it with La Papessa. Her sophomore album which was produced by her and 100% independent won several awards including the Canadian Album of the Year. You cannot categorize this artist into any specific music genre since she mixes so many elements. She not only mixes cumbia, porro (traditional music in Columbia) but also electronica, and synthpop. I can tell you the music makes you want to dance or just sway. Her lyrics are powerful and speak not only of love lost or found but also of the struggles of Latin Americans and Indigenous people. She is always pushing the boundaries of what is not accepted by certain powers that be and opening the minds and attitudes of people so they know and understand history. She just released her latest album, Miss Columbia which she says was inspired by the Miss Universe pageant. If you recall the host, Steve Harvey read the wrong name, Miss Columbia when the winner was Miss Philippines. Check out this super-talented singer-songwriter and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

by Rosie G.

"Te Queria"

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