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Faye Webster

July 4, 2023

Indie folk singer-songwriter Faye Webster is making waves in the indie music scene with great lyrics and songs. Born in Atlanta, Georgia into a family that are musicians she learned how to play guitar from a young age. Her grandfather was a bluegrass guitarist and her mother was also a guitarist and fiddler, music is in the blood.

At age 14 she started writing songs and by 16 recorded her first album Run and Tell. She went on to college to study songwriting but found it was not for her. In 2017 she released her self-titled album and went on tour. Other than being a musician she is also a photographer and her photos of rap artists Lil Yachty and FKA Dram have been featured in Rolling Stone and Billboard.

In 2020 she released her single, “Better Distractions” to critical acclaim and our former President Barack Obama chose it as his favorite. She has released a couple more albums since then and just released her latest single, “But Not Kiss” which is on constant repeat on my playlist. She is now on tour and I can’t wait for her to come play some dates here in NYC. Support indie music and musicians. Happy listening!

Rosie G.

"But Not Kiss"

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